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Earn Crypto

Earn Crypto while using Moakt

We decided to give back to our users whom contributed to our success. Therefore we started a rewarding program that will pay users of moakt service crypto rewards in USDT.

How to Earn

Start using the service! Our system will start rewarding you based on your interaction with the website. To simply put it, your normal usage of moakt will get you rewarded.

What are the rewards

At this point, we decided to use USDT cryptocurrency as a reward. We are planning to include other options too, such as BTC and ETH in the future.

Participation Rules

The following rules apply for users participating in the reward system:

  • - At this point, the rewards are session based. If you end the session before collecting your rewards, you will lose them.
  • - Using Bots are prohibited and we will detect and punish Bots users. We hold the right to cancel any payment if it is suspected that a bot was used.
  • - Make sure your wallet address and selected network are correct. Transfers are irreversable and moakt team will not be able to recover any amount lost due to wrong information.
  • - Minimum withdrawal is 2.00USDT and moakt team will cover the charges at this point so that you get the full amount.
  • - All transfers are reviewed manually at this point, therefore some payments may take up to 24hours before being executed.

How to withdraw

You can view and manage your rewards by visintg the reward page or by clicking on the rewards box on moakt pages.

Important Notice

  • - Do not hesitate to contact us if you had any problem using any of the website services. We will be happy to help.
  • - We are continuesly working to enhance the rewarding program and thus, the rewarding system may be enhanced or changed without notice.
  • - This is a beta launch and may have issues and problems that requires us to temporary disable the system. We are trying to provide the best rewarding system.

This document was last updated on April 10, 2022

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